The Day the Ocean Went Away - Coming Soon!

We’re delighted to announce The Day the Ocean Went Away: a new children’s book in collaboration with Volvo, designed to teach children about the importance of ocean sustainability. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to City Kids Surfing, so that we can help inner-city kids experience the ocean for the first time.


Printed entirely from FSC recycled stock, The Day the Ocean Went Away is in support of Volvo Cars’ global initiative to fight plastic pollution and improve sustainability practices, both in their cars and in the wider world. So we’re thrilled to have them on our side.  


The book, which will be available on Amazon in the coming weeks, follows a little boy called Jack, who loves the ocean. One morning, he wakes up to watch the sun rise over the water, but to his surprise, the ocean has completely disappeared. He journeys across the dry seabed to find out why, meeting all sorts of ocean creatures along the way, from a plastic-filled blue whale to a mermaid struggling in plastic fishing nets. Jack soon discovers that the ocean has plenty of reasons to go away…


The book was illustrated by Jago, an award-winning, internationally-published children’s book illustrator, who lives on the Cornish coast, and loves the ocean just as we do.


We hope you like it.