Child Protection Policies at GCKS


We work with top surf schools and instructors in the field and more recently have connected with 'The Wave Project' in North Devon who deliver an awesome program for young groups.


Our trips are insured as a school trip as the employees are current teachers in schools in Lewisham, London.  Residential trips away are common in London schools.  However our program features a much smaller group to focus over a whole year on; ocean knowledge, safety, conservation and the spiritual life of a UK surfer.  


Our safeguarding policy for Get City kids Surfing.

  • Ensure all staff are familiar with the 'Keeping children safe in Education' document. 
  • Ensure that the Headteacher at school is kept fully informed of any concerns
  •  Adhere to the school and Lewisham Safeguarding Children Board's child protection procedures and Local Authority guidelines.
  •  Ensure that he/she receives refresher training at two yearly intervals to keep his or her knowledge and skills up to date.
  •  Ensure that all staff who work with children undertake appropriate training to equip them to carry out their responsibilities for safeguarding children effectively and that this is kept up to date by refresher training at three yearly intervals
  • Ensure that new staff, including temporary staff and volunteers are made aware of the arrangements for safeguarding children.
  •  Develop effective working relationships with other agencies and services, including seeking their advice when unsure about concerns about a child, including whether or not to refer.
  • Decide upon the appropriate level of response to specific concerns about a child e.g. discuss with parents, offer an assessment under the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) or refer to Social Services following the correct procedures
  •  Submit reports to, ensure the staff attendance at child protection conferences and contribute to decision making and delivery of actions planned to safeguard the child
  •  Liaise and work with Social Services over suspected cases of child abuse.
  •  Ensure that accurate safeguarding records relating to individual children are kept separate from the GCKS file in a secure place, marked 'Strictly Confidential' and are returned securely to the school if appropriate. 
  •  Ensure that the staff effectively communicate with the schools and monitors children about whom there are concerns, including notifying Children's Social Services when there is an unexplained absence from the program.



All of our staff have current experience working with children from similar backgrounds and all staff have up to date DBS checks in place.  We work with the top surf schools in the area and are lead by volunteers for SAS (Surfers Against Sewage) when working in conservation.


At Get City Kids Surfing safety and enjoyment on the trips away from London are vital so we travel by train to our beach locations and bus or taxi where needed to and from the surf locations.  All travel is covered under the school trip policies of the schools involved. 

The Children

All children who we educate and introduce to life as a UK surfer have been referred by their school.  The children are responsible to the completion of each stage of the course and are rewarded with the opportunity to take part in a 3 day road trip to Devon or Cornwall to learn how to surf!  Permission and agreement to the terms of the course are taken from their legal guardians prior to commencement.

A very special thanks to St Michael's School for supporting our child protection policy.