Success Stories

Things the children say...


Latrell had never seen the sea before and was surprised that is was salty. He learned to duck waves and what to do if there was a rip current. He learned about lifeguards and what the flags meant on the beach.

Latrell took part in a London Beach clean with the SAS and met a pro surfer at the Finisterre Flagship store in London before embarking on a Surf trip to Cornwall with First Wave Adventures.

“This boy’s personal journey and enthusiasm was evident by the joy he brought to the trip and the bond he formed with the surf instructors.”

(Tom - Founder CKS)


“It makes me feel alive.”

— Latrell, 10 yrs, London

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CKS 2017

The first time in the sea…


Enoch rarely left London other than to visit his family in other parts of London.

He was rarely out of the sea in that week and learned how to surf.

It was very powerful.

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“It washes away all your worries”

Enoch, 10 yrs, Lewisham